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Happy Hug Your Cat Day

Give Your Cat a Big Hug Today!

You may hug your cat every day, but on June 4th this year, you have an excuse to give your cat an extra hug: it's international hug your cat day! Cats and humans have lived together for a long time. Cats were likely first domesticated in the Middle East during the Neolithic period. The first evidence of a cat kept as a pet was found at a grave site in Cyprus containing a human and a cat together. The grave was estimated to be 9,500 years old! In ancient Egypt, cats were considered sacred animals. A number of Egyptian gods were frequently depicted as cats, and some Egyptians kept cats as pets. This means that humans have loved cats (and cats have loved them back) for thousands of years. International Hug Your Cat Day is just one way that modern people are celebrating the cats in their lives.

Celebrating International Hug Your Cat Day isn't very complicated. Just find your cat and give him or her a big, furry hug. You can take some extra time to cuddle with your cat on the couch or give an extra good pet. International Hug Your Cat Day can also be a great reason to give your cat some extra care. If it's been a while since your cat has had a check-up at the vet, had its nails clipped, or been groomed, June 4th is a good day to do it. Just make sure you end any treatment or check-up with a big hug!

If you don't have a cat, don't worry; you can still celebrate International Hug Your Cat Day. June is also Adopt a Cat Month, so if you’ve been considering making a cat a part of your life, you could adopt one and celebrate with a big hug. You could also visit an animal shelter. Many animal shelters are happy to have volunteers come out and socialize with cats. The cats will get some nice petting and socialization from your visit, and you can get a nice stress-relieving cat hug. So enjoy the day, and make sure to hug the cat in your life.

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