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By Veterinarians and Staff

Welcome to Redwood Veterinary Hospital's blog written by our veterinarians and staff. Various topics are covered ranging from finding a Salt Lake City veterinarian to information on various events - such as National Dog Bite Prevention week and National Hug Your Cat Day. We hope you enjoy the topics.

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Halloween at Redwood

Halloween in Utah - we love it! The holiday is even better when our pets join in on the fun. Check out our spooky (and not so spooky) visitors from Halloween 2016.
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Choosing a Veterinary Hospital

Here are some ideas on finding a veterinarian that will give your pet the best care possible. Accredition is important to ensure the hospital is using the best medical practices and updated procedures and equipment. Click to read more tips on choosing a hospital.
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Happy Hug Your Cat Day

In Salt Lake City veterinary hospitals and around the world - cats are getting extra big hugs today! It is international hug your cat day. Grab a cat and hug it - but be careful - make sure it is your cat.
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National Dog Bite Prevention Week 2015

Dog bites is a leading cause of nonfatal injuries in children. Many dog bites can be prevented. Read about National Dog Bite Prevention Week and learn about how to prevent dog bites.
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Thank You Salt Lake City and Taylorsville

Thank you to the residents of Salt Lake City and Taylorsville for 31 years of business for Redwood Veterinary Hospital. Our veterinary hospital has been here longer than Taylorsville has been a city - we love this place!
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Welcome to our New Website

We've been working hard on our new website featuring better organization and more articles on pet health.
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How Old is Your Dog/Cat in Human Terms?

People love to know how old their dog or cat is in terms of human years. There is a conversion because, unfortunately our pets live shorter lives then we do. Click the image to learn more. Contains a chart on converting between cat/dog years and human years.
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The Dog Blood Donor Program for Salt Lake City

Even wondered what would happen if you dog needed a blood transfusion? Read for more information how Salt Lake City veterinarians participate in Canine Blood Heroes to help your dog when they need blood.
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