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Taking Care of Your Pet

Dogs, cats, and other pets can get bad breath just like humans. Fortunately, humans can brush their teeth between meals to keep our teeth healthy as well as to keep us from developing offensive odors. Halitosis (bad breath) in both humans and pets can be the direct result of bad teeth. This is the most common reason for bad breath we see at Redwood Veterinary Hospital. Imagine never brushing or flossing or visiting your dentist! Unfortunately, many people don't realize their pets need dental care just like humans do. Redwood Veterinary Hospital can provide dental cleanings, extractions, and medical treatment for painful mouth conditions like tooth root abscesses, periodontal disease, and loose teeth. The health of an animal's mouth is really important to keeping the pet healthy overall. All exams include a free dental exam to help keep your pet healthy and to spot problems before they become painful for your pet! Our doctors will determine if your pet has bad teeth or if there is some other cause for your pet's bad breath.

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