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Boy and Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig Health Tips

Keep Your Guinea Pig Healthy with this Helpful Advice

Guinea Pigs are from the rodent family and can make wonderful pets for kids and adults alike. Non-Guinea Pig owners may be surprised to hear that they can be quite clever and cuddly. However, they do require special care and quite a bit of attention so they can live a long, healthy life. Adult Guinea Pigs can weigh in at one to two pounds and as pets go, can be quite inexpensive to care for. Here are some tips from our Guinea Pig veterinarians that will help you take care of your Guinea Pig.

Guinea Pig in Grass

Feeding Your Guinea Pig

Pet guinea pigs require a good quality food and fresh clean water. Read over these feeding tips to help ensure your guinea pig is getting the nutrition it needs to lead a long, healthy life.
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