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Summertime Hazards for Dogs

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Summertime can be especially hot in Salt Lake City. Here are some articles that provide you with advice on keeping your dog cool, what to do with dogs fearful of noise from fireworks, products to help you keep your dog cool, and warning signs of a heat stroke in dogs.

Salt Lake Desert

Heat - Tips to Protect Dogs from Salt Lake City Heat

Salt Lake summer days can be really hot for the humans - it can be intolerable for dogs. Here are some tips from Salt Lake City veterinarians for protecting your dog during the summer.
Fireworks in Salt Lake City Utah

Fireworks - Salt Lake City Dogs Get a Double Dose in July

Boom - Independence Day! Boom - Pioneer Day! If your dog hates fireworks - your dog hates July in Salt Lake City. We have two loud holidays - learn more about what you can do to help your dog.
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