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Heat - Tips to Protect Dogs from Salt Lake City Heat

Summertime Hazards for Salt Lake Dogs

Salt Lake City sits in the Great Basin which just happens to be home to the Great Salt Lake Desert. Desert's are of course very hot in the summer and always dry - by definition. Although the desert tends to be hotter than the city - downtown Salt Lake City can be brutal during the summer months. Remember that temperatures in a car can rise extremely fast even when the windows are cracked. For the health of your pet, please never leave your pet alone in a car - they are at a real risk for heat stroke.

Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe from the Summer Heat

Never Leave Your Pets Alone Inside the Car

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the interior of cars can reach upwards of 170 degrees Fahrenheit when they are parked in the direct sun. Even on a comfortable day of 78 degrees, a car can reach up to 100 degrees in as little as 15 minutes. Always double check your vehicle before locking it up to make sure one of your furry friends hasn't snuck inside.

Beware of Storage Structures

Storage buildings and other enclosed structures without air conditioning can act like an oven when it's hot outside. Always inspect these buildings thoroughly before locking them up to make sure your cat or dog isn't hiding inside.

Water, Water, Water

Provide more than enough water for your pets to prevent dehydration. Refill their bowl often. Keep a few bottles of water in your car if you are out and about on a hot day. You might also consider investing in a portable dog bowl that will make hydrating convenient and efficient.

Limit Activities

Avoid intense play or exercise during the hottest portions of the day. Limit strenuous activity to early morning and late afternoons or evenings when the temperature is not at its peak.
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