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Dog keeping cool in Salt Lake City heat by relaxing in a baby pool

Tips to Keep your Dog Cool in Brutal Salt Lake City Summers

Summer Tips for your Dog

Keeping cool on a 100 degree day can be really tough for humans living in Salt Lake City. But what about their dogs? Indoor dogs are really fortunate - they are typically just as cool as their human counterparts. For outdoor dogs - a little help for your furry companion can be really appreciated. Dogs do not sweat through their skin like humans - which is fortunate - getting air through that fur to help them cool down would be a bit tough. They do have some sweat glands in places not covered by fur (pads and nose); however, most heat relief to a dog comes through panting. So, given they cool down a bit different from humans - what can we do to help? Here are a few ideas.

Ideas to Keep your Dog Cool in the Salt Lake City Heat

Get Them a Pool

Okay, so they do not have sweat glands; however, taking a dip in a cool pool can still have a refreshing effect for any dog. Baby pools are wonderful - you want something they can relax in.


Humans love ice in their drinks during the summer - it is very refreshing. Drop some ice in your dog's bowl or pool. Don't over do it in the pool - you want the water to be cool to the touch. Keep it something you would like to sit in on a hot day.

Make Some Shade

Make some shade for your pooch. We all know that stepping into the shade on a 90 degree day can be a relaxing feeling in Salt Lake City - the same is true for your dog. Purchase a canopy or better yet a sun shade for your dog.

Doggie Cooling Pads

Purchase a Dog Cooling Pad for your pet. There are some pads with good reviews available on Amazon. See below for some product links.
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