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Fireworks in Salt Lake City Utah

Fireworks - Salt Lake City Dogs Get a Double Dose in July

Summertime Hazards for Salt Lake Dogs

Look closely at that photograph of downtown Salt Lake City and the capitol building. I counted about 15 bursts in the air at the same time. That is Salt Lake City in July! Tons of fireworks, tons of explosions celebrating the independence of the United States on July 4th and the arrival of the pioneers in the Salt Lake valley on July 24th. If your dog hates fireworks, your dog hates living in Salt Lake City in July! With the exception of December 31st, the other 362 days of the year are pretty awesome, however. Apart from packing and heading out to Idaho or Wyoming for a few days, keeping your dog calm during fireworks can be a bit tough.

Tips to Keep Your Dog Calm During Salt Lake City's Fireworks

Find a Quiet Spot

The best thing to do is to remove your dog from the source of noise. We love July in Salt Lake City; however, it may be a good time to take a mini-vacation. If this is not an option, help your dog find the quietest place in the house - maybe the basement - that will help provide additional comfort.

Comfort and Reassure Your Dog

Provide your dog with comfort during the fireworks events. Allowing the dog to hide in the house and reassuring the dog can help.

Last Resort - Tranquilizers

If your dog has severe anxiety during these events, consult with your veterinarian - as a last resort, tranquilizers may be necessary to keep your dog calm.

July in Salt Lake City is a tough time for dogs with any type of noise anxiety. Tell your veterinarian about issues your dog is experiencing during your next check up and they can help you decide which is the best course of action for your dog before the fireworks begin.

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