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Dog Health Tips

Keep Your Dog Healthy with this Helpful Advice

We love our dogs! They are loyal and help to keep us happy. Dogs add to our quality of life and they deserve the best care that we can give them. These pages are all about just that - keeping your dog healthy and happy. These pages contain all sorts of tips from our veterinarians. Where possible, being Salt Lake City veterinarians, we have tried to focus on tips that are especially applicable to dogs that live in Salt Lake City and throughout Utah.

Foxtail Grass

Foxtails - Serious Issues for Salt Lake City area Dogs

Foxtails can be dangerous for dogs - causing pain and serious infections. The spikes can be found in common grasses throughout the Salt Lake City area and Utah.
Fireworks in Salt Lake City Utah

Fireworks - Salt Lake City Dogs Get a Double Dose in July

Boom - Independence Day! Boom - Pioneer Day! If your dog hates fireworks - your dog hates July in Salt Lake City. We have two loud holidays - learn more about what you can do to help your dog.
Dog panting excessively with drool warning sign of a heat stroke

Know the Warning Signs for Heat Strokes

Living in Salt Lake City in the summertime can be brutal for dogs - especially those that live outdoors. This is a list of the warning signs that your dog may be experiencing a heat stroke.
Salt Lake Desert

Heat - Tips to Protect Dogs from Salt Lake City Heat

Salt Lake summer days can be really hot for the humans - it can be intolerable for dogs. Here are some tips from Salt Lake City veterinarians for protecting your dog during the summer.
Dog keeping cool in Salt Lake City heat by relaxing in a baby pool

Tips to Keep your Dog Cool in Brutal Salt Lake City Summers

Keeping cool in Salt Lake City can be really tough in the summer. You can put on a t-shirt to help. Cooling down by changing clothes is a bit tough for your dog - click here to get some tips to help out your dog this summer.
Toxic substances in bottles

Toxic Substances for Dogs

Substances ranging from human food to garden chemicals can be poisonous for your dog. These pages contain information about some of the worst toxins and some of the most common poisonings we see in our Salt Lake City veterinary hospital. Click to learn more.
Dog relaxing in hammock with sun glasses

Summertime Hazards for Dogs

Summertime can be especially hot in Salt Lake City. Here are some articles that provide you with advice on keeping your dog cool, what to do with dogs fearful of noise from fireworks, products to help you keep your dog cool, and warning signs of a heat stroke in dogs.
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