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Cats can make wonderful pets. They are not for everyone, however as is evidenced by the number of people who state they dislike the animals. We love cats! They are soft, playful, and incredibly intelligent. For those who love cats, they make wonderful companions - they comfort us when we are sad and remind us to pay attention to them if we are really busy. Cats add to our quality of life and they deserve the best care that we can give them. These pages are all about just that - keeping your cat healthy and happy. These pages contain all sorts of tips from our veterinarians. Where possible, being Salt Lake City veterinarians, we have tried to focus on tips that are especially applicable to cats that live in Salt Lake City and throughout Utah.

Foxtail Grass

Foxtails - Serious Issues for Salt Lake City area Cats

Foxtails can be dangerous for your cat - causing pain and serious infections. The spikes can be found in comon grasses throughout the Salt Lake City area and Utah.
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