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More Resources on Accreditation

Learn More about Accreditation and Benefits for Pets

The American Animal Hospital Association provides many resources for pet owners about health topics for their pets as well information about why accreditation is an important process. They have developed and maintain a pet health library that has wonderful articles on dog, cat, and other small animal care. In addition to these articles, they also maintain pages that help pet owners understand the importance of AAHA accreditation when they are selecting an animal hospital to care for their pet. They let owners know why it is important to select hospitals that are AAHA accredited.

Veterinary Hospital Accreditation Resources

Pet Health Library

AAHA's pet health library that contains useful tips and facts to help you take better care of your pet.

Information for Pet Owners

Information on why AAHA's role in veterinary medicine is so important.

AAHA also puts together touching commercials about pet ownership - here is one of our favorites.

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