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Why Redwood Veterinary is Accredited

It's Simple - To Provide the Best Care Possible for Your Pet

AAHA LogoThe owners, doctors, and staff at Redwood Veterinary Hospital are passionate about providing high-quality veterinary care for their clients. That is why we are accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association. We believe that external reviews by inspectors are a smart way to ensure that we are meeting the highest standards in care and always finding ways to be better. Sure, it is stressful to go through an accreditation process - but, providing the best possible care to your pet is worth it. Isn't that what you expect from your veterinarian? We would.

Redwood Veterinary Hospital is passionate about providing high-quality veterinary care - that is why we are accredited.

Redwood Veterinary Hospital has been providing excellent care to the clients in Taylorsville and the Salt Lake City area for over 35 years now. We recognize that to operate as a hospital we do not have to be accredited; however, every day we practice medicine, we are happy that we are. To be accredited, we have to constantly be self-reflective and have our processes and facilities inspected to ensure we are performing as well or better than the best veterinary practices in the US and Canada. There are over 900 standards that we are measured against. We have to operate with the latest equipment and ensure that our facilities meet the highest standards in cleanliness and safety to have the privilege to show the AAHA-accredited symbol. The Redwood staff, doctors, and owners are very proud of our status as one of the few Salt Lake City veterinary hospitals that has achieved this honor.

We are currently in our second decade of being accredited. Redwood Veterinary Hospital has been through many audits, and we update our hospital and equipment continuously because we feel it is important to maintain this standard of care. We have to work harder to achieve it - but again, we feel that your pet is well worth that effort. Our doctors became veterinarians to provide your pet with the best care possible - to practice excellent medicine so you get to enjoy more quality time with your pets.

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