Salt Lake City / Taylorsville Utah's
Redwood Veterinary Hospital
Photograph of Redwood Hospital and Redwood Road in Salt Lake City circa 1989

History of Redwood Veterinary Hospital

Thirty Four Years of Veterinary Medicine

Redwood Veterinary Animal Hospital has been in continuous operation for over 34 years. The hospital is celebrating its second decade of accreditation by the American Animal Hospital Association. The building was built in 1982 and has always housed Redwood Veterinary Hospital. The photographs show Redwood Road and Redwood Veterinary Hospital before Taylorsville was even a city - it was still an unincorporated part of Salt Lake County.

Major Milestones

Dr. Gina bought the hospital from Sugar House Veterinary
Dr. Gina was hired by Redwood Veterinary
Redwood Veterinary Hospital becomes AAHA accredited
Sugar House Veterinary Hospital purchased the clinic from Dr. Boam
Dr. Boam purchased the hospital from the original owners
Redwood Veterinary Hospital build and started business

We are proud to be the current owner/operators of a hospital with a history that is over 35 years long and thank the previous owners for building a hospital with a solid reputation for giving quality medical care to thousands of pets.

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