Redwood Veterinary Hospital located in Salt Lake City Utah is accredited by AAHA and use latest in medical technology to care for rabbits, cats, dogs, guinea pigs and other small animals.

Redwood Veterinary is AAHA Accredited

Utah's Redwood Veterinary Hospital is accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). Not all animal hospitals reach this standard - we are one of the few Salt Lake City veterinary hospitals that is AAHA accredited. Our veterinary hospital has been found to be consistent with over 900 veterinary standards that measure quality of animal care, veterinary facilities, and veterinary practice management. Our veterinarians deliver the best veterinary medical care available for your pet using modern equipment such as digital medical imaging equipment and in-house computerized blood labs. We have been here for 30+ years - our medical equipment has not. To us, it is about the quality of your pet's care! We do all of this and keep the cost of your pet's healthcare to a minimum so everyone can afford to have a healthy, happy pet. Call or email us to make an appointment with one of our veterinarians. To find out more, click here.

Photos of Some of Our Friends

We love seeing pictures of our patients at home or at play. If you have one of our patients at home and do not mind sharing a photo, please send us a picture and we will post it here. Please include their name and a couple of sentences about them. Send photos to:

Belle is a Saint Bernard puppy and is a patient of Salt Lake City

Belle joined our family as an adult rescue from the Humane Society. She is a wonderful companion and we are so grateful for her company.

Chloe is a soft grey cat and is a patient of Salt Lake City

Chloe was irresistibly dancing and showing off in her pen at the Humane Society of Utah 14 years ago. She was eight months old, soft as a bunny and sweet as candy. She has remained a loving companion and set herself up as queen of the household.

Griz is a fluffy black and brown cat with a great personality and is a patient of Salt Lake City

He's a fluffy baby bear to us - that's why we called him Griz. He was a great big fluff ball as a kitten - we just love Griz - he has quite the personality.

Corky is a white cat with a black spot on his head and is a patient of Salt Lake City

Corky loves the sunshine and sleeping! They seem to go together somehow. He also loves to lay in the cat nip patch which grows in his backyard located in Cottonwood Heights.

How Old is Your Pet?

Older DogThe old adage says that a dog ages 7 dog years for each human year of its life. So – where does this come from? Well, if a human lives about 70 years, and a dog lives about 10 years, then we say that a dog ages seven times faster than a human. But, in reality, it is a bit more complicated than that. Just as a human’s life expectancy depends on many factors, so does your pet’s. The table shown below (courtesy of IDEXX and Fred L. Metzger, DVM DABVP), shows your pet’s age with a bit more precision.


Does Your Pet Have a Microchip?

We have partnered with HomeAgain, Merck Pharmaceutical's revolutionary program that has helped to return over one million pets to their rightful owners.    Pet's undergo a safe, minor procedure performed by our veterinarians to insert a microchip under their skin.  If the pet is lost and ends up in a shelter or a veterinarian's office, the pet is scanned for the microchip.  The data in the chip contains references that will lead to your contact information and the safe return of your pet.  Over 10 million pets are lost each year - this system can help to recover your pet in the event this would ever happen to your family. Read More...

Wanted: Dog Blood Donors

Hero DogsWe need help finding heroes! Have you ever wondered what would happen if your dog needed a blood transfusion? What if he or she gets into rat poison or gets hit by a car and needs blood?

Canine Blood Heroes is coming to Advanced Veterinary Care (AVC) in Salt Lake City. Canine Blood Heroes is a canine blood service that finds eligible dogs to act as blood donors. We are excited that Salt Lake City veterinarians will have a reliable source of canine blood for transfusions. There are so many reasons a dog may need blood: rat bait ingestion, surgery, cancer, trauma, the list goes on. It can be a real challenge to find blood in an emergency situation - this program is designed to help with that challenge. AVC will serve as a central location for collection and storage, and local vets will be able to purchase units of blood when needed for their own clinics.